World Peace Game Master Class Scheduled

EarthDay_Wednesday22Terry and Ele Adams did their part.

In the fall of 2014, The Advocate introduced you to the mother and daughter team raising money to attend a World Peace Game training class. We then told you about the Adams hosting their own WPG at Hoover Elementary. In August, their story will gain another chapter. The game’s founder, John Hunter, is scheduled to lead his five-day master class for teachers at Linus Pauling Middle School.

The World Peace Game is an elaborate role-playing game for school children. It takes place on a fictional planet, whose nations are poised on the brink of war. Victory is achieved when all conflicts are ended and all players are financially stable. The game is played in the classroom one day per week over an eight-week period.

Hunter’s master class will be attended by teachers of all grade levels. In addition to learning the specifics of running a WPG, the teachers will be led through a series of activities and reflections on education and their individual teaching styles.

School instructors aren’t the only ones invited to the middle school in August. Children in grades 4 to 7 will join the fun by participating in an intensive World Peace Game hosted by the creator of the game himself. Over five days, local kids will take on titles like Secretary of the United Nations, President of the World Bank, Arms Dealer, and even Saboteur.

The game will be played on the multi-level board built by Terry and Ele Adams. Well done, ladies.

To sign up beforeFriday, June 5, contact Carla Olsen at

By Dave DeLuca