Weed Goes Legal… Mostly

scales-of-justiceConsidering this is a college town, and we like people who follow the law, here are some simple suggestions (ahem… RULES) for using marijuana.

First, you have to be age 21 or older. You can give and receive marijuana as a gift, but private sales are a no-no, because of taxes. Retail is coming, but that’s another story—literally, it’s right on this page.

By the numbers, you may grow up to four plants on your property, have up to eight ounces in your home, and have up to one ounce on your person.

In terms of edibles, you can have up to one pound. With extract, you’re OK up to an ounce. Infused liquor, up to 72 ounces. Numbers are per house, not per person.

You’ll need to stay on the down-low. Smoking and growing cannot be in public view even if you are in your own home. You absolutely cannot smoke or ingest in any public space, even if it is privately owned.

If you rent, your landlord can have a no-weed policy and boot you. Employers have the same right. And, as no small aside, you’ll need to be sans cannabis if crossing state lines. The feds are not so amused with Oregon’s laws and their courts are a whole other kettle of tea.

Driving while intoxicated, even on a little ganja—still illegal.

Little-known fact: Measure 91 contains language allowing defendants an affirmative defense for using peyote connected to religious practice, which can only add fuel to the ongoing argument between our elder staffers as to what constitutes the best hallucinogenic, which none of us want to hear, not really.

By Kyra Young