Vitamin Deez Nuts a Great Source

SciShort_10_29_15Vitamins get their first bit of good news in seemingly ages, as a new OSU study just released suggests that vitamin D and xanthohumol may fight obesity. In particular they may help fight imbalances in gut microbiota that lead to the metabolic disorders and obesity that afflict nearly a third of Americans.

Vitamins have been on a bit of a roller coaster ride of emotions for the last couple years.  At least, if vitamins could feel, they would be.  The reason is that the standard wisdom on the value of vitamins, that there is value, has been taking a beating.  New studies have been coming out left and right purporting that vitamins do less good than we thought, and in some cases are even harmful.

This new round of studies at OSU, which just got them a new five-year NIH grant of $2.64 million to study the results, shows that Vitamin D, commonly found in milk, almonds and sunshine, helps to burn fat faster, and showed startling results in lab rats.

“The benefits of xanthohumol and vitamin D have been clearly shown in laboratory studies to reduce weight gain and improve gut barrier defenses,” said Adrian Gombar in a press release.  Dr. Gombar is an associate professor of biochemistry and biophysics at OSU.  He continued, “These compounds appear to activate nuclear receptors and pathways that may affect microbe composition, and in the process reduce the damage from metabolic syndrome.”

Did I mention xanthohumol is naturally occurring in hops? So you’re getting a good dose every time you hit the bar?  I figured that would get your attention.  Now go tie one on to fight obesity, and have a side of nuts with it to get your vitamin D on.

By Sidney Reilly