Traffic Something, Usual Suspects, Sleeping Editors… and Meth

linnbentonbackwashODOT drops $3.4 million on construction that seeks to lessen the traffic problems on Highway 34 on the way out of Corvallis. Anyone who has ever lived in a real city simultaneously said, “What traffic?”

Disgruntled ex-Selmet employee Michael Shaffer was charged in a Linn County Court with a bunch of counts of things containing the words “burglary,” “theft,” “aggravated,” “mischief,” and various numbers. And this ends the lesson on how to make sure you’re one of the first suspects police look at.

The topmost story on the Lebanon newspaper’s website details how a fairly unimportant street will be closed. Corvallis Advocate associate editor Johnny Beaver falls asleep at his desk.

The Lebanon Log: Fireworks were set off after midnight, a customer at Game Time tried to leave without paying, a stop sign was knocked over, one man was arrested for a parole violation and two others for trespassing, knee pads were stolen from Walmart (and somehow they got them back), the Free Methodist Church had a TV “burgled,” a man used a fake $50 bill to pay for a shot at Merlin’s Bar, someone ran over a cat, and… meth, meth, probation violations, meth, contempt of court.

By Johnny Beaver