This Beaver Slings Ganja

WeedBeaver Bowls is a new marijuana dispensary offering products to both medical and recreational consumers. This newest entry into the Corvallis dispensary market is located at 227 SW 6th Street. They open to the public Thursday, Oct. 1, just as recreational sales become legal alongside prior legalized medical sales.

Owners Brad and Dan want to promote a clean, appealing, and community-friendly experience. Dan stated, “Coming out of prohibition, not everyone is excited about it. This location is more discreet. It’s important to deliver in a professional light while also having a sense of humor.”

Both Brad and Dan have been around cannabis for an extended amount of time and have witnessed how cannabis has impacted the lives of several friends and neighbors. “Seeing what medical marijuana has done for my neighbors and friends is quite frankly, a miracle. The results are amazing,” said Dan. These results inspired the duo to open their own dispensary wanting to shed a positive light on cannabis.

The boutique will have four points of sale to allow for the added foot traffic that recreational consumers will create, while continuing to quickly serve those with medical needs. After making a purchase, consumers will have the option to leave via the rear exit, eliminating the need to weave through those waiting to make a purchase.

 They encourage people of all levels of experience to come down and check it out. If you are a curious newcomer or have a long-time relationship with cannabis, Beaver Bowls has educated “budtenders” to answer your questions. “We’re advocates beyond being a retail store,” said Dan.

By Kaitlin Gomez