The Biggest Beaver Fan Around Tells All

benniethebeaver20 Questions with Benny 
I sat down with Oregon State University’s longtime mascot and biggest sports booster. The location for our chat was Benny’s personal dam, situated near a local river. The exact location of this stick-built sanctuary is a closely guarded secret, and one which I agreed to keep. Benny utilizes the cozy home away from home to unwind after long days of bringing spirit and fun to all of Beaver Nation. He keeps his home address a secret to avoid the local paparazzi. Benny never actually speaks in public, of course. But with the background sounds of pattering rain and croaking frogs, he answered my questions with honesty and enthusiasm. As always, his message was about the greatness off all things OSU.

DeLuca: “There’s some confusion about whether your middle name is ‘The.’ Can you clear that up?”
Beaver: “Like most folks, I don’t really use my middle name. So you can call me whatever you want, just don’t call me late for a game.”

DeLuca: “If you don’t mind me asking, how old are you?”
Beaver: “According to the calendar, I’m 61. But I only celebrate my birthday every year to humor the alumni at homecoming. I don’t really think about age. I feel great.”

DeLuca: “What’s your secret to staying so vibrant?”
Beaver: “Spirit! That… and good tree bark.”

DeLuca: “What’s the best part about being the school mascot?”
Beaver: “Engaging with the fans, of course. I love the way Beaver Nation rallies behind their team, no matter what.”

DeLuca: “Do you like the recent rebrand and the changes made to the uniforms and beaver logo?”
Beaver: “Overall, yes I do. The new unis make all our players look sleek and fast. Funny story. You wouldn’t believe how much product I had to put in my coat when I posed for the new logo. What a crazy day that was.”

DeLuca: “Are you excited about the new basketball and football coaches?”
Beaver: “Coach Tinkle is an amazing motivator and really turned the program around in a hurry. But he can be a little intimidating in person. I’m 6’ 5”, which is dam tall for a beaver. But that guy is a giant! I liked Coach Andersen right away, too. He’s a former badger. We’re practically cousins.”

DeLuca: “What kind of phone do you carry?”
Beaver: “All my coworkers have iPhones, but I have a Galaxy S4 Active. I need something waterproof.”

DeLuca: “Do you hang out with other mascots?”
Beaver: “Sure. Some of my best friends are mascots.”

DeLuca: “Are you friends with The Duck.”
Beaver: “We are civil.”

DeLuca: “Did you root for the University of Oregon in the football national championship?”
Beaver: “No comment.”

DeLuca: “What do you do in the summer, when so many of the college kids are gone?”
Beaver: “I take a few days off and relax here in the dam. I do some floating with the locals on the Willamette. Then, I hit the creeks and work out. I like to get back into cheering shape by the time football camp starts.”

DeLuca: “Do you eat the same diet as other Beavers, or have you taken on the eating habits of your human coworkers?”
Beaver: “Let’s just say I really like tailgating food.”

DeLuca: “Back in the 1980s, you shared mascot duties with Bernice Beaver. Were you two dating? Whatever happened to her?”
Beaver: “Yes, we dated for a time. But, it turned out that being a mascot wasn’t a two-beaver job. Now, Bernice is retired and living in Clatskanie. I wish her all the best.”

DeLuca: “Which sport has the best fans?”
Beaver:  “All of the fans in Beaver nation are amazing. Each of the sports has a unique core group, but there are also plenty of crossover fans. It’s an honor to be able to meet and cheer with all of them.”

DeLuca: “What are some of your fondest memories as the mascot?”
Beaver: “Oh man! There are so many to choose from. If I had to pick one, it would probably be the back-to-back baseball national championships. After that, I would say it’s every time we beat Oregon, at anything.”

DeLuca: “How do you feel about your performance in this year’s Capitol One Mascot Challenge?”
Beaver: “I feel great! With the support of so many great fans from Beaver Nation, I made it to the playoffs. I even knocked off a couple of heavy hitters along the way.”

DeLuca: “What is your busiest time of the school year?”
Beaver: “The first week of fall is crazy! I’m all over campus welcoming the students spreading spirit for soccer, football, and volleyball. In November, five sports overlap, so I have to run my tail off. The rest of the year is more even-keeled. But I rarely go a week without at least one appearance.”

DeLuca: “Other than on campus, where do you hang out?”
Beaver: “I come here to the dam to unwind. I like hanging out downtown sometimes. But my heart is always on campus.”

DeLuca: “Do you have any pets?”
Beaver: “I don’t really have time for pets. But I do have a little potted tree that I keep here at the dam. I call him Cardinal.”

DeLuca: “What’s your favorite sport?”
Beaver: “It’s tough to beat the atmosphere of a home football game when there are more than 40,000 Beaver fans screaming on third down. But, I really love all the sports. We have some incredible student athletes here, and they all deserve support. I just wish that I could be more than one place at a time.”

DeLuca:  “Finally, how are you feeling about the Corvallis era ending for OSU, the move to Lebanon?”
Beaver:  “Ed Ray is a friend of mine, I trust his judgment.”

If you want to find out more about Benny, look for him online at, Instagram@osubenny, and on Twitter at @Bennythebeaver. To book Benny for an event, contact marketing coordinator Macall Marstall at

By Dave DeLuca