Summary, Voters Reject Measure 2-89

GMHeroBenton County voters rejected Measure 2-89 this last Tuesday in a move that’s making people versed in the English language feel special all over. To make a long story short, the defunct legislation had language that said no government or corporation could use GMOs in the county anymore, which may have meant curtains for some lifesaving OSU medical research and local biotech drug firms.

Measure proponents tried selling the white parts between the words as meaning that the law didn’t really say these things, but too many people actually read the black parts—like the writers at both local newspapers and all three county commissioners that came out against the law—some even saying that they would have otherwise supported a ban for farm use.

Making the story even shorter, Oregon legislators passed a state law to prevent local measures like these from being enforceable. But the Yes on 2-89 crew promised that there was special language in their measure containing a powerful voodoo legalese dance around the state law so the thing would have been enforceable, which seems maybe dubious—sort of their own genetically modified organism, one supposes—but now defeated, we’ll never really know.

 The vote was No 73.13%, Yes 26.87%.

By Joel Hudson