So Cholesterol Is Still Bad?

SciShort_3_19_15New research from OSU (with collaboration from Tufts and Baylor) published in the American Journal of Clinical Research suggests cholesterol and triglyceride lipids in the bloodstream can severely impair vitamin E’s ability to get to where it’s needed. This is a new salvo in the debate over vitamin E and whether we should be supplementing our diets with more or cutting back.

In recent months, you may have found it difficult to keep track of what’s still bad for humans and what isn’t. Salt, fat, cholesterol, vitamins, marijuana, and Bill Cosby are among the many things traditionally thought to be damaging that may not in fact be so bad, or vice versa. Cholesterol and saturated fat triglycerides, whether genetically inherited or consumed in a poor diet, are two of the most traditionally feared sources of a lot of health problems that have recently been experiencing a positive public relations swing. Research from various locations has in recent years suggested our fears may be misplaced and that the scientific foundation of those fears may be shakier than we previously thought. The findings from this new study suggest a new reason to cut back.

Maret Traber, the Helen P. Rumbel Professor for Micronutrient Research in OSU’s College of Public Health and the lead author of the study, explained the danger in a press release.

“People with elevated lipids in their blood plasma are facing increased inflammation as a result. Almost every tissue in their body is under oxidative attack, and needs more vitamin E. But the vitamin E needed to protect these tissues is stuck on the freeway, in the circulatory system. It’s going round and round instead of getting to the tissues where it’s needed.”

Traber indicated that obese individuals and those suffering from metabolic syndrome are the most vulnerable. So for those keeping score at home, cholesterol is very bad/good for you, you should cut down/increase your salt intake, and take more/less vitamin E.

Sleep tight.

By Sidney Reilly