Police Downtown Crackdown Coming

1429880843phu9rAfter hearing growing concerns among downtown Corvallisites, the Corvallis Police Department (CPD) has announced that a tactical action plan is being discussed to deal with some troublesome criminal behavior in the area.

As presented to the City Council, the proposed tactical action plan is set as an attempt to clear up issues and make the downtown area safer. Issues involving violent behavior, human waste, and general trespassing are part of what is being looked at with this plan.

Lieutenant Cord Wood, the CPD Public Information Officer, explained the plan as somewhat reactionary, saying, “It’s in response to community complaints.”

Wood elaborated, “It’s in response to things that we’ve discovered on our own, investigating those complaints. And it’s in response to complaints from downtown business owners that there are behaviors going on downtown that are making people afraid to go downtown. So in response to those behavioral criminal issues, we’re going to draft a plan.”

Wood then explained that the elimination of these criminal behaviors is not just through outright arrests but also through the providing of public services.

“It could be a multifaceted approach,” Wood detailed. “We want to help people get and use the services that can help them get off the streets. That will be part of our approach. It’ll depend on what kind of criminal behavior we’ll see.”

Wood also clarified that the plan was not at all meant to be hostile towards the homeless community.

“The behaviors we are looking to address are just that, behaviors,” he said. “They have nothing to do with a person’s residence status. If you’re drinking in the park, that’s a criminal behavior that we are looking to address.”

Their sights are set on improving quality of life in the downtown area—that much is clear. Wood explained that they look to come back to the community for feedback once the plan is up and running.

 The plan is a few weeks out from being enacted and community discussions will take place until that time.

By Nathan Hermanson