OSU Tops for Sex Scores (It’s a Health Thing)

Trojan_Extended_Pleas_LRGWrapping up is now a proven talent of the local population and we’re not talking about the town being awfully good at wrapping gifts or burritos.

Oregon State landed the top spot on Trojan’s Sexual Health Report Card for the second consecutive year. The condom giant has been grading colleges on sexual health nationwide for over a decade now, with the help of the city demographic experts at Sperling’s Best Places. Over the last three years, Oregon State penetrated through 25 spots to snatch the top spot and has now held it for two consecutive years.

The study examined the availability of contraceptives on each campus, the availability of peer resource groups and classes, and the quality of all these resources. There was no real work put into how often these resources are actually accessed or if the students on campus were even actively having sex, which may have just ended up with inflated results if left to the students to log, but the fact that our students have these resources within reach should put some concerned citizens at ease.

 Corvallis shouldn’t be overflowing with babies and STDs any time soon, and if it does end up that way, the college is 100% not to blame, alright?

By Nathan Hermanson