OSU Joins Innovation Corps… ‘Innovators Assemble’ Considered for Slogan

SciShort_4_30_15OSU has been awarded a three-year, $300,000 grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to bring new concepts to market. The program, dubbed the Innovation Corps by the (probably) comic book enthusiasts at the NSF, includes 36 total schools which will be given funds to try and make new innovative products.

OSU already is on the cutting edge of product incubation with its Advantage Accelerator program, and now joins more traditionally reputable science institutions such as MIT, Carnegie-Mellon University, and University of Pennsylvania as part of the Innovation Corps.

John Turner, co-director of the Advantage Accelerator, weighed in on the new grant.

“This support from the NSF will be particularly helpful in preparing early stage concepts, to keep our pipeline full of new companies,” said Turner in a recent press release. “One example is a pre-accelerator program we plan to begin next month, which will be a set of workshops open to both student, faculty, and community innovators.”

It is hoped that programs like the Accelerator and the Innovation Corps will spark an innovation and manufacturing renaissance in the United States, as the coming decades will see technological jumps that will change the economic landscape in ways we’ve never before considered. For the US to stay competitive, programs like this could prove vital.

 No word yet on whether spandex costumes will be issued to the scientists and engineers at OSU, but one can only hope the Innovation Corps has as much style as they do intelligence and seed funding.

By Sidney Reilly