Oregon State Dance Club Gets the Boot

19/52 Country Line DanceMany have heard the news that Jack Okole’s Bar & Grill has come under new ownership. Less known is what that means for the OSU Country Dance Club. For a huge population of collegiate  country dancers, going to Jack’s had become a Thursday night staple; they saw the place as their home.

However, when the new owners were approached about continuing on Thursday nights, they were adamant that the dancing not be allowed to continue. The dance community responded in kind by simply taking its business elsewhere.

One regular dancer commented, “Everyone was really upset about it. The owners only gave us three days warning, and none of the employees were allowed to tell the customers that they were closing. It was really weird.”

The DJ from Jack Okole’s has found a job working at the Peacock, on 2nd Street, and said the regulars have started coming to the Peacock for their dancing. Concerns about the new location included a seriously sticky and crowded dance floor, but these issues have been dealt with, so that the dancers are beginning to find their new home upstairs.

Time will tell what the new owners of the old Jack’s have in mind for the place, but so far it looks like the Peacock and the dance club are right in step with one another.

By Padma McKay

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