Music & Arts Fest Slated for Aug. 14 to 15

CIMAPiano_PlanetsYou cannot have walked the streets of Corvallis or browsed its social media this week without bumping into a piano-turned-art canvas on some public right-of-way, free for the playing or listening. Where do these ivory-keyed tributes to our idiosyncratic little burg issue from?

Well, that would be the folks at the Corvallis Imagination Music & Arts Festival, CIMA for short. The pianos will be walking the streets waiting for the tickles of passers-by until Aug. 20—the festival is slated for Aug. 14 and 15.

Now, about that festival. It features art and food and lots of live music. It had a weekend attendance of about 1,300 last year, which sounds like da Vinci Days Lite, but not really. Admission is by donation and proceeds support arts and music in area schools. All of a sudden those random pianos sound even sweeter.

 Located in Starker Arts Park, this year’s festival launches at 6:30 p.m. on Friday, Aug. 14 with the Red Horse Band on the Main Stage, followed by Norman at 8:30. Saturday evening’s Main Stage lineup includes the Creighton Lindsay Band, Ghost Towns, and headliner the Hank Shreve Band. Find more info at

By Elizabeth Arthur