Local Guild Goes ‘Secret Santa’ for March Arts Walk

Temporary Art GuildHaving just passed beyond the milestone of their third birthday, the Temporary Artists’ Guild has solidified itself, perhaps ironically, as a permanent fixture in the Corvallis arts community. They set out to bring together a collection of individuals working within an array of mediums as a means of making known the potential of wide diversity in both fine art and craft art circles.

Considering the fact that most of this guild’s members work, have kids, and are in school, they should feel pretty proud of what they’ve accomplished—perhaps especially because they have done so without tearing each other’s spines out à la Mortal Kombat, which can happen in a guild.

A few months back they decided to further deepen their bonds while creating an opportunity to get out and meet more of the general public. Drawing each other’s names from a metaphorical hat, some of them groaning a bit, they set out to each create a piece honoring the art of the person they drew.

Some decided to mimic a style, some decided to base it on personality or subject matter… and some, well, one doesn’t really know what the hell they were thinking, but it worked out well. A surprising amount of thought went into the work. Each piece, ranging from jewelry to paintings to photography, is accompanied by a chunk of text that explains who the piece was inspired by as well as why it was created the way it was.

If you’d like to join them for a public unveiling at the Corvallis Advocate’s loft space, mark your calendar for this month’s Corvallis Arts Walk. There will be schmoozing, fantastic live music from Rumbledethump, and a bizarre assortment of art to sample with your eyeballs. Much of the guild will be present and if prior shows are an indicator, you may want to be there, too.

Thursday, March 19 is the date for this month’s Corvallis Arts Walk; the show runs from 4 to 8 p.m. The Corvallis Advocate loft is located at 425 SW Madison Avenue.

By Suzanne Cruz