Local Food Initiative Debate Set: Monday, April 27

corn fieldTwo panelists for and two against are set to discuss the upcoming vote on Measure 02-89, time for questions and comments from the audience is also scheduled as part of the evening.  Slated for 7 pm to 9 on Monday the 27th, this forum will be at the Corvallis Branch of the Benton County Library.

The evening is courtesy of the City Club of Corvallis, like all their programs, this one is free for anyone wishing to attend.  Also like most of this organization’s forums, attendees can expect a lively and respectful exchange between panelists and the audience.

Speakers will include Rich Holdren, Oregon State University Research Office; Debbie Crocker, Benton County farmer; Clint Lindsey, former Benton County farmer and co-author of measure 2-89; and Mary King, Benton Food Freedom.

For more information http://www.cityclubofcorvallis.org

~Beth Darden