Linn-Benton Backwash: Occam’s Razor Edition

linnbentonbackwash1During an OSU online chat about racism on campus hundreds of racist comments cropped up in the associated chat room. Apparently someone shared the discussion link on popular bastion of online freedom, and stuff ensued. Because threats were made, which aren’t covered under the First Amendment, some officials are now trying (in vain, most likely) to trace IP addresses back to those that made them. What they’re going to do about a 14-year-old from Bangladesh is beyond me, but more power to them. Most responses by school officials (and local media) have made it apparent that they are fundamentally clueless as to the nature of 4chan and online trolling, so I wouldn’t expect a resolution as to how to deal with this in the future any time soon.

As of Nov. 18 the Jones 5 Auto Sales car dealership in Corvallis was shut down in conjunction with a police investigation. Nobody knows why, and I’ve been ignoring the situation since. I love a good mystery, don’t you?

The Albany Senior Center held Thanksgiving a week early because they’re a bunch of anti-American heathens and the staff is pretty sure that old people won’t know the difference because their memory isn’t what it used to be. Also, they made them pay $6 each.

Medical students are planning a free rural health fair at Lebanon’s Walmart Supercenter where they’ll be inspecting hay ride injuries and hillbilly teeth. They’ll also be providing on-site triage for those injured by police while trying to steal crock pots or fraudulently return boots they bought from their cousin off of Craigslist.

 The Lebanon Log: On Nov. 16 Lebanon’s first ever art theft occurred when a $75 painting was taken off of someone’s porch. And Nov. 18 was a fun day – first a typo has the police blotter literally reporting that the police themselves stole two Hurricane beers from Walmart, and later that evening a man with no insurance and a suspended license decided to drive his car into a tree in front of a dentist’s office.

By Johnny Beaver