Kandy Jo and Library Girl Update

kandyjo11Kendra Sunderland, who became notorious online after an adult webcam video she filmed at Oregon State’s Valley Library was uploaded to the website Pornhub.com, returned to her hometown of Salem on June 19. She danced at Stars Cabaret Club locations in Bend, Salem, and Bridgeport* as part of her national tour.

Sunderland started webcamming while in college and then “just stopped going to school” (although she now endorses a website called Date Broke College Girls, which matches college-aged women with sugar daddies). One of her viewers suggested she could make more money camming from a public place; the video session at the Valley Library netted her $700. A few months later one of her viewers uploaded the video of Sunderland, tagged with her name, and Benton County police arrested her and cited her with a misdemeanor, public indecency. She has pleaded not guilty and her trial date is set for later this year.

In the time since the video of her solo sex act went viral, Sunderland has done an exclusive photo shoot for Playboy, been featured in Penthouse as “Penthouse Pet” for May, been on the cover of Xtreme Magazine in June, booked the Exxxotica Expo in Chicago, launched her own webcam website, and has her own line of sex toys with Pipedreams. She was also nominated for “Top Live Webcam Model of 2015” by the first annual Adult Webcam Awards.

In an interview with The Daily Mail, Sunderland said she didn’t realize at the time she made the video the repercussions of what she’d done: “I didn’t expect to be kicked off campus or the fine. Even when I got charged, I didn’t fully understand it until I looked it up. I knew you couldn’t walk down the street naked, but I didn’t think [what I did] was public indecency.” Nevertheless, she has leaned into the opportunity.

In an interview with Xtreme Magazine, Sunderland said she doesn’t intend to start making porn and will instead stick with webcamming: “I think that’s about as far as I want to go at this point… I feel really sexy when I do it and the guys are super supportive and it’s really fun for me.”

Sunderland is now banned from OSU campus, something she doesn’t regret except for missing the basketball games. She said she disliked school and doesn’t plan on going back. She was studying human development.

Kandy Jo, the Oregon State University student who posed for Playboy in November 2013, has also dropped out of college. On April 7 she posted a Facebook status update saying she’d been dropped from two of her classes for missing the first week of spring term: “Being dropped from two classes means I am no longer enrolled as a full-time student, which means my scholarship doesn’t apply, so I grabbed my bags and left… As upsetting as the situation is, I believe everything that has happened in my life has been only to move to a better place. I had been contemplating leaving school for nearly a year, but wanted to stay and graduate more for the disciplinary aspect of it, rather than the degree. If the situation occurs where I want or perhaps would benefit more from completing my degree then I always have the option of going to a new university or finishing online.”

Kandy Jo then went to Coachella in early April, and took a “mini getaway at a Buddhist retreat” in Santa Cruz, California, in early May. She is active on Twitter and recently did a photo shoot with VICE.

 * The fate of Sunderland’s scheduled appearance for the Beaverton Stars Cabaret is uncertain, as the OLCC is currently trying to take away that location’s liquor license after the owner pleaded guilty to prostituting a 13-year-old girl.

By Kelsi Villarreal