In Local Restaurant News… Morsels Aplenty

drinks_and_food_on_barRed Fox has been gobbled by a Downward Dog, but not exactly. Both restaurants are property of local restaurateur Cloud Davidson; he says that placing both operations under one name increases buying ability for both. The downtown located Downward Dog and campus adjacent former Red Fox will maintain all their current menu options and operations. Downward Dog signs replaced Red Fox signs last Friday. Both locations have regularly received high marks for something called food and that business dinner specialty called booze. Seriously, these people know how to mix a drink.

Unless you’ve been clonked over the head by a falling arch somewhere, you are aware that Burgerville will be replacing the defunct Wendy’s on 9th Street. Not known for vegan wonders or being an In-N-Out Burger, social media response was swift and vastly favorable. Burgerville sources as locally as they can and they have won some awards for not driving their employees nuts—there are awards for that and it is impressive for a fast food purveyor to get one, so maybe a good job as far as these sorts of jobs go. My neighbor’s daughter reports that their burgers are awesome.

Jersey Mike’s, a subway shop because we don’t have enough of those, is confirmed as the arse kickers that curbsided Young’s Kitchen. Like, they put a banner up on the old Young’s location, so we’re calling that confirmation or marking one’s territory or something. Anyway, not having tried a Jersey Mike’s offering at press time, can’t say if they offer a compelling alternative to what’s already available around here.

And in Panda Express news, the 9th Street location still can’t get an order right. After our last review, they sent a gift certificate so they could get a second chance, and they still got the order wrong. When we arrived, they were out of some items and some of the others had clearly been on the warmers too long. Not going to fully rehash this one—the campus location is much better.

By Joel Hutton