Hub of Discontent, Timberhill Neighbors Lawyer-Up

law-book-gavelEven pro-development types are doing a double take over an application to build 234 units of student housing northeast of the Walnut-Kings intersection. Neighbors have lawyered-up with land use attorney Daniel Stotter and formed an advocacy group they’re calling the Northwest Alliance. Making points that are refreshingly plain for a group of this sort, they point to livability and safety issues that are materially concerning.

Developer Core Campus seeks to bed some 800 students at a development along an already extended stretch of NW Kings Boulevard, adding streets within their property, one of which would connect to NW Shooting Star Drive, a somewhat narrow residential street that’s roughly behind Timberhill Athletic Club. Residents are concerned about traffic on their narrow little thoroughfare, and it also seems obvious that the intersection of 29th and Walnut would be impacted, too.

Like Campus Crest, this developer concentrates on student housing, dubbing their developments in various cities The Hub. Unlike Campus Crest, their buildings have a far more urban vibe, often featuring party areas with outdoor Jumbotron televisions for instance—which raises a number of noise and light pollution concerns for neighbors.

Like many recent development proposals, this one will likely go through all the available levels of appeal before shovel hits dirt. Northwest Alliance is already calling for legal fund donations.

The Planning Commission has scheduled a public hearing on this project for Wednesday, April 1 at 7 p.m. at the Chintimini Senior and Community Center, 2601 NW Tyler Avenue. 

By Joel Hudson