Hard Truths: This Week in Truth

Hard Truths_6_11_15On Big News

Beyoncé was interviewed on Good Morning America this week, and commercials for the event promised she’d be dropping a bombshell. I even saw one of the commercials and caught myself, a cynical non-fan, breathlessly wondering, “what could it be? Are she and Jay-Z becoming Scientologists? Does she have crucial info about Al Qaeda? Is there another Destiny’s Child reunion in the works?”

Nope. She’s a vegan. Oh, and she has a vegan meal delivery service she’s selling…

In 2015, on national TV, GMA advertised that they had an interview with Beyoncé Knowles, a huge star, where she’d be dropping a bombshell. And it turned out to be that she wants you to buy her crap. This is where marketing has brought us. Congratulations America. We’re officially a bunch of morons.

Next week on 60 Minutes, Karl Rove opens up about his deepest secret; he prefers cats to dogs. Oh and hey, he has something to sell…

On Beating Heat

By now you’ve no doubt seen the video footage being played over and over on every channel, of a McKinney, Texas police officer terrorizing a group of teenagers at a pool party. It’s certainly not a good look for the officer involved, and it comes at a time when the nation can seemingly least afford another excessive force scandal.

It’s pretty bad. Some have of course pointed out that we’re not seeing what came first to cause the reaction, but what could it have been to merit physically assaulting a slight adolescent girl in a bathing suit while stalking around in circles pointing your gun at her friends?

Some reports have a party at a public pool snowballing to as many as 70 teens, and then some altercations broke out which is why police were called. But one would have to hope that well trained peace officers can deal with an unarmed crowd of teenagers without getting physical.

Protesters are currently mobbing the streets all over the country agitating for the immediate firing of the officer, Cpl. Casebolt, who has been put on leave pending an investigation of the incident. And we’re once again standing on the edge of a nasty fall.

Making assumptions and seeking personal satisfaction instead of actual justice will lead us down a long dark corridor. As anticlimactic as it sounds, I’m going to advise the same thing I do every time there’s a case like this: wait until we know all the facts, or at least more of them, before passing judgment. I’m not saying the officer shouldn’t be fired, or even prosecuted, but before we make that decision, let’s go through the pesky formality of an investigation.

Call me old fashioned, but something tells me the answer to our police violence problem isn’t to rush to judgment and lump all of them in together. It’s almost like that’s exactly what they do to us…

On Jokes Down the Memory Hole

Clint Eastwood made a joke about Caitlyn Jenner at the Spike Guys Choice Award, which filmed last week, and now Spike is going to cut the joke out when they actually air the show on June 18th.

Let’s just gloss over why Clint Eastwood has anything to do with an awards show so Titanically moronic that they have awards called “Biggest Ass Kicker,” “Brass Balls,” and of course last year’s stirring controversy, “Hottest Emma: Emma Watson or Emma Stone.” Let’s just skip all that.

Here’s the joke that is apparently so offensive, that an awards show that describes itself thusly, as an event “to toast the mega- splendor of all things GUY,” felt they had no choice but to scrub it: Eastwood, while presenting an award to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, compared him to other athletes who had become actors, like “Jim Brown and Caitlyn somebody…”

Really, that’s it. He didn’t make an offensive joke about her, he merely joked that she’s being talked about too much, by pretending to forget her last name.

Edgy stuff Spike.

I can’t tell if I’m most ashamed of Spike for being the worst channel on TV, or of us for being such a constantly offended bunch of pussies that the mere mention of Caitlyn Jenner is offensive, or of Clint Eastwood for being involved with this embarrassment. Rest assured though, we should all probably be ashamed.

By Sidney Reilly