Gun Showdown Leads to Background Check Changes

background-checkOregon’s Firearms Safety Act was passed in the House of Representatives. Otherwise known as Senate Bill 941, this piece of legislature aims to prevent all Oregon gun sales without full background checks. Gun buyers will be required to ante up credentials and personal information when purchasing firearms, whether they are buying from a store, private seller, or over the Internet.

The typical debate took place in the House, weighing the ideals of gun safety against the right to bear arms. In an era where violence has become standard and many citizens yearn to defend themselves, it is not difficult to imagine the concern some have over further regulations on firearm sales. Nonetheless, studies have shown that background checks do prevent violence—in particular, aggression against police officers and domestic bloodshed.

Democrats and Republicans were thus divided on SB 941, and it took a party-line vote of 32-28 to push the bill through the House. Those in opposition stated that the new law was profoundly misinformed. Some House Republicans argued that SB 941 presented errant loopholes, such as the fact that the bill would not prevent criminals from buying guns illegally.

By Kiki Genoa