Farmer’s Market to Expand

corvallis_farmers_marketby John M. Burt

The Corvallis Farmers’ Market is beginning its 25th season of Saturday markets and its 35th season of Wednesday markets. According to market director Rebecca Landis, this year’s market will be bigger than ever, with new vendors such as the Red Wagon Creamery offering ice cream made with locally produced milk and locally grown fruits and vegetables—try the beet!

Expanding into new spaces, construction on the Hotel Julian will soon be finished, allowing vendors to set up nearby, and the market has received permission to use the space from 1st Street and Monroe to 2nd Street and Monroe. The market sells only locally grown produce. It will expand and contract depending on how many vendors come, just as the offerings will change from week to week as harvests are brought in by local growers. On some occasions, groups may use part of the market’s space for large displays.

SNAP users are welcome, and on the second Saturday and second Wednesday of each month they can receive a $6 supplement combining a federal grant and money from a private donor. Patients at the Corvallis Clinic can get prescription vouchers for fresh vegetables as well. Some vendors will be offering slightly damaged produce at a reduced cost, and canning vegetables which can be a real benefit in the winter months, when the Saturday and Wednesday farmers’ markets are only a memory.