Corvallis Recreational Weed Outlets Slated

On Oct. 1, Oregon medical marijuana dispensaries will be able to legally peddle pot to recreational users. Though said recreational users will eventually have to pay a 25% tax on cannabis from medical marijuana dispensaries,the vast majority of users will be able to purchase herb tax-free until next January.

Three of Corvallis’ four medical dispensaries will open to recreational pot users on Oct. 1. The staff at these establishments are eager to welcome new customers and expand their clientele.

Havin g opened just a few weeks back, the California Cannabis Club will hold a grand opening on Friday, Sept. 28, where giveaways will be shared with the public. Two other weed repositories, High Quality Compassion and the Agrestic, have both been open since last spring. Daily and weekly specials at all three of these locations can be viewed by downloading an app called Leafly. This application can also be used to access information about additional dispensaries in the area.

All three Corvallis locations are open seven days a week. For more information about addresses, business hours, and special rates, use Leafly or consult their web pages and phone numbers listed below.

High Quality Compassion

(541) 286-4771

The Agrestic

(541) 753-4182

California’s Cannabis Club

(541) 602-7278

The Green Room was undecided at press time about expanding into recreational sales.