Corvallis Makerspace, Anyone?

draftign table computerA cooperative co-working space and workshop is on the docket for local startups and creatives. Dubbed a makerspace, the focus is on giving people the tools they need to create and a pool of other members to pull from for assistance, training, or help in development. With similar spaces already in Eugene, Portland, and Albany, a number of organizers decided it was time to open one in Corvallis.

Anna Walsh, Patrick Manhatton, and Brad Attig are currently investigating interest with a general questionnaire meant to establish what local developers and designers are looking for in a working space. Any designers or other creative types are encouraged to fill out the questionnaire to help get the ball rolling.

With the capability for prototyping new products and providing a workspace for development teams and creatives from amateur to professional under the same roof, the potential benefits of an established makerspace are numerous. If you are interested in learning more, voicing your own opinions on the design, or just generally curious, the organizers are still looking for input as well as suggestions for locations.

You can contact Anna Walsh at the OSU Advantage Office or through the Startup Corvallis Meetup group, Patrick Manhatton through the Corvallis Game Devs Facebook group or website, and Brad Attig at Startup Corvallis’ Cups Corvallis, a small monthly get-together organized by the group, has been discussing the space and future developments regarding it.

 You can find the schedule and more information at and the makerspace questionnaire can be found at

 By Jeff Davis