Corvallis Housing First Acquires Neighboring Car Wash

530 SW 4th StreetCorvallis Housing First (CHF) has made a move towards their goal of a larger homeless shelter in Corvallis by acquiring the 24-hour car wash that neighbors their emergency shelter downtown.

Executive Director Gregg Olson says that since the start of deliberations concerning their controversial homeless mega shelter, CHF has made it clear that the acquisition of this property would be a crucial part of their plan. Olson stated that the property was initially eyed for the building of the 90-bed mega shelter, which would house essentially any and all homeless seeking shelter in Corvallis, but that those plans have truly and wholly been put on hold.

After myriad complaints from the downtown community and a few members of the homeless support community, CHF is now looking at all potential options before moving forward with further development of the newly acquired property.

“For some months now, we’ve been slowly going through the process of looking very deeply at some of the questions that were brought up and trying to reexamine exactly what we want to do and how we’re going to do it.” said Olson. “We’re not at any decision-making point yet, but we’re hoping that by late winter we’ll have a little more clarity.”

Olson is seeking feedback from the community on how to proceed, so as to best serve the community’s needs and desires.

“I think there is going to be a point where public input is going to become really important and essential to decide what would be the best thing to do,” said Olson. “In other words, there are things that we can build that would fulfill our mission, but there may be also things that we could do that can help the community. If there are things we can incorporate that can help the community, we would really like to do that.”

The 24-hour car wash has effectively stopped all operations and CHF has stated previously that the earliest the property may see groundbreaking is 2017.

To provide input on the ongoing homelessness issues, send an email to Gregg Olson at or to the Corvallis City Recorder at

By Nathan Hermanson