Comcast Skirts University Rules

villainComcast has already got its mustache twirling down to a tee, so they’ve decided to step their villain game up a few pegs by trying to recruit themselves a group of henchmen, or as some call them, resident hall assistants.

An anonymous OSU source reports that Comcast, as part of a new partnership with Oregon State University, took professional student staff of University Housing and Dining Services out to dinner during training to recruit them into becoming what they call “brand ambassadors.” Their roles as brand ambassadors includes “spreading the word of Comcast” through word of mouth, placement of stickers, the promotion of various packages, and so on. As “payment” for their services, Comcast has tossed in free usage of the XFINITY streaming service into the staff’s overall compensation.

There are a number of non-solicitation rules in place in the residence halls, but Comcast is skirting the line by using students as their proxies. They butter the RAs up with a Netflix knock-off and expect them to do their corporate jobs for them.

Luckily, our source reports that they felt the entire dinner to be “surreal” and that most members in attendance felt uncomfortable with the whole thing, promising to stay far away from the whole idea of schmoozing their residents into buying Comcast packages.

Regardless of the legality of the dinner, Comcast is only proving that they’re willing to do anything to infect the whole of Corvallis with their less than stellar service.

By Nathan Hermanson