CIA Drone Papers

Last week’s outing that close to 90 percent of people killed by US drone strikes are either unidentified or later shown to be innocent has been met with nothing but the sound of crickets from Oregon US Senators Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley. The data came out last week as part of a CIA report leaked to The Intercept, a news organization founded by reporters involved with Edward Snowden’s 2013 revelations of classified information.

The CIA has so far refused to say anything, offering only that they will not comment on a classified report. In 2013 Wyden voted to confirm current CIA director John Brennan; Merkley is one of only two Democrats that voted against him. Merkley cited an inability to get documents about the strikes as part of his decision-making process at the time.

 The report, or so-called drone papers, also reveals a maelstrom of miscalculation and assumption in the decisional complex surrounding the use of drone strikes that casts doubt on their ability to accurately target individuals or groups.

By Joel Hutton