Arts Admin Updates

cawDirectorships are unusually stable right now, at least by standards of the last few years, but what else is going on?

Da Vinci Days board people hint at a resumed event this year after skipping last year; anticipate a less centralized form, think multiple venues all doing their own thing along with some scaled-back offerings at the traditional spots of years past. There is talk that each would set their own admission.

The Whiteside has report in hand from a theater designer and isn’t sharing too openly at this point—whisper is the board is trying to remain flexible as budgets dictate any plan will be long-term, think between 10 and 15 years. They seem to have developed a sense of where they fit into the market, complementing other venues rather than competing.

The Arts Center just learned it’s receiving a Ford Family Foundation grant of $20,000 to produce a catalog and other exhibition documentation for Rot: The Afterlife of Trees, a collaborative show with OSU College of Forestry and the Spring Creek Project; it’s slated for January.

Fall Fest is moving to flat booth fees rather than the 15% commission it has customarily charged for artists. Accepting artist applications through May 1, an online form is now available.

Corvallis Arts Walk continues to grow, now featuring 12 venues and a new website. The group is unusual for its informal collaborative and consensus drive structure. Each month seems to bring more genres and attendees.

By Rob Goffins