An Occurrence of an Owl Creek Bridge

NooseThere’s a new bicycle bridge going in over Owl Creek, part of the bike path running parallel to Highway 34, right next to the highway bridge that’s been there for years. It’s made of steel and actually looks a lot cooler than the highway bridge.

I don’t see how there’s a story in that, though it’s topical for Halloween. You know, because it’s Owl Creek Bridge, as in one of the creepiest stories Ambrose Bierce ever wrote, and one of the coolest episodes of The Twilight Zone, ever.

I don’t know—does anyone even remember that story? Does anyone even remember Ambrose Bierce?

Well, a couple of years ago, someone put a stand-up sign next to the highway bridge over Owl Creek that just said, “An Occurrence,” so I’d say the story is still pretty well known.

Plus, I can always work in a reference to the fact that Bierce wrote The Damned Thing, which was the inspiration for the Predator movies.

By John M. Burt