About This Issue: The Corvallis Outlier Effect

file1181303751455We of the newspapering persuasion are all too familiar with what has become an old refrain: our deaths will be lamentable but inevitable, it is assumed we will be going the way of the wagon wheel. Also hacked by this saw of conventional wisdom are bookstores and record stores. But then there is Corvallis, stubborn outlier of exception to so many rules, home to three diverse bookstores, a tasty haven for vinyl and even two newspapers. And this is exactly what this week’s issue is about.

We delve into a duo of local bookslingers with two very different strategies for success and a blast to the vinyl past still unrivaled sonically by digitization. We also find an Oregon State University Press curating, passionate and growing where others have withered. Along with all this, just three weeks back, we profiled KBVR as a vibrant alternative radio station growing in listenership even as increasingly commoditized and boring commercial radio is waning.

 As to the aforementioned wagon wheel, we find our fair burg gaining its third player in the pedicab market, so sit back a spell and revel in being a Corvallisite, you outlier rebel you.

 By Joel Hutton