Unsure About Voting for a New Jail?

By Bethany Carlson

jailThe Benton County Sheriff’s Office is offering a tour of the jail on Saturday, Aug. 9, to allow voters to see for themselves if a new jail is in order.

As The Advocate has reported, the current 40-person jail is too small, and deteriorating badly; jail commander Diana Rabago’s iconic quote was, “We had a situation where an inmate actually was able to just crumble part of the wall out and you could actually see light through it.” Also, because the jail closes once its holding cells are full, police officers sometimes have to wait across the street from the jail with their new arrest until the facility re-opens.

According to Rabago, the Board of Commissioners has stated that they are aiming to put a jail funding measure on the May 2015 ballot. A hired marketing firm continues work. Meanwhile, the jail markets the ballot measure in a more show-and-tell fashion with their open houses. Visit the website (www.co.benton.or.us/sheriff/corrections) to sign up. Tours will be offered on both Saturdays, Aug. 9 and Sept. 6.

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