Tofurky, With Love

By Alicia James

TofurkTofurky seems like a holiday scam preying on desperate vegetarians and vegans. There is something palely obscene about the product despite images of a golden brown roast spilling forth with bountiful wild rice. At $55 for a complete meal and fixin’s, it’s a risky investment.

I had the strange honor of being the token omnivore at a vegan Thanksgiving where Tofurky was served. After partaking in a river of pinot noir and enough discussion on Richard Dawkins to last a lifetime, the “beast” was served. A few hunting jokes circulated while the hostess carved. My plate was passed down. All eyes were on me as I took my first bite.

Turns out it was actually good, in a “Lay back and think of England” kind of way.

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