The Local Grind

coffeeCoffee Culture: Coffee Culture offers what many other shops in Corvallis do not: consistency. The Mexican Mocha is excellent. Drive-thru option is a huge bonus. And a chocolate-covered coffee bean garnishing your coffee is a touch of class.

Imagine Coffee: Imagine has an incredibly friendly staff and a very inviting atmosphere. You can hang out there all day, and not feel rushed to leave or the need to keep spending. The frozen mocha is delicious and strong, too.

Dutch Bros.: Dutch Bros has the cold, blended coffee drink market cornered in Corvallis. Try the Annihilator, Double Torture or ER 9-11 and you won’t be sorry. They also offer their own Rebel energy drinks and tasty flavored teas.

New Morning Bakery: Has fantastic black house coffee called Frangelico, and the best accompanying treats in the city.

Francesco’s: Francesco’s has very good coffee and easily the best gelato in town. Yes, even better than Market of Choice…

The Beanery: Allan Brothers Coffee was the trend setter of good coffee in the Willamette Valley. The Beanery on 2nd Street has the best tasting simple cup of joe in town, and easily has the most diverse clientele of any coffee shop in the area.

by Patrick Fancher