The Great American Burrito

file751297121217-2Nearly Normal’s Gonzo Cuisine

109 NW 15th Street

What’s in a name? When I ordered a Nearly Nasty off the Gonzo Menu at Nearly Normal’s, I feared the weird. Would it be irregularly shaped, rolled by a muppet, and filled with stinky mud? No, maybe, and no.

It was delicious. The vegetarian burrito was predictably stuffed with the usual suspects. What made it really good, however, was the homemade enchilada sauce drizzled on top. Nine bucks well spent! Note, they have one of the best patios in Corvallis for dining.

Delicias Valley Cafe

933 NW Circle Boulevard

When I want a quick inexpensive taste of Mexico, I head to Delicias Valley for one of their $7.99 chicken burritos. The chips that come with my burrito are always fresh and the burrito has just enough (but not too much) chicken. One thing to note: make sure you specify how spicy you want your salsa, otherwise you’ll learn the hard way, as I did when I had to run out of the restaurant and dunk my head in the snow like Yosemite Sam. This is simple family run restaurant with down-to-earth service, instantly comfortable.

La Rockita

370 SW Western Blvd., 2309 NW Kings Blvd., 1413 Main St. (Philomath)

If you’re looking for the biggest burrito you have ever eaten, look no further! The Super Grande Burrito for $8.75 at La Rockita is just the ticket. Filled to the brim with delicious ingredients, it makes the burrito angels sing! Granted, it took me three sittings to finish the thing, but that just made it worth every penny. Plus pinto beans take on an interesting tang when they start to ferment…

360 NW 5
th St.

If you’re having a hankering for some cheese and some beans topped by some salsa and wrapped up in a tortilla, we may have the spot for you. Now we’re not going to judge. Most of us have been there; a little on the broke side, a little on the drunk side, and a lot on the hungry side. Should you find yourself in this predicament, and happen to be close to 360 NW 5th St, head on over to Riva’s. Open 24 hours a day, you’re guaranteed to be served up some good ol’ cheap Mexican food.

Laughing Planet

127 NW 2nd Street

Laughing Planet delivers healthy, customizable burrito-themed dishes. Unconventional flavors from Asia and Mexico cater to vegetarians and meat-eaters alike. No grease-dripping refried bean offerings here; the $6.95 Holy Molé burrito features grilled chicken and a rich, slightly spicy molé. The Lebanese Delight with lentils, tahini, cucumber salad and Che Guevara’s plantains and sweet potatoes may be worth your while as well. Non-GMO tortilla chips, grass-fed beef, organic tofu and tempeh, and exciting kale-heavy salads please the health-conscious (who really have no business dictating burrito policy, but they’re people too, so…)

Mexico Lindo
5228 SW Philomath Blvd.

The friendly faces and delicious cuisine of Mexico Lindo are not too far away in the Safeway Plaza on the Philomath Highway. Delicious food is accompanied by a great atmosphere and awesome employees who do their best to make it the best food you’ve ever eaten. This place is also a notable bargain, so you won’t have to mortgage a semester to get a taco.