Texting for Good

By Dave DeLucaCOI-Icon

Community Outreach Inc. has launched a brand new program called Icon City, which promises to change the way we help the less fortunate. It communicates the immediate needs of COI clients to members of the community who can help, and it does it via text. Those who want to help simply have to text the word “ICON” to 35819 to join the text list. Once per week, a text is sent out with a simple request for help. It could be clothes for a child, furniture for a family, help with a resume, or anything else people need to help get back on their feet. If someone on the text list is has access to the resource needed, they can donate it directly to COI, who will pass the resource along with their thanks.

COI Executive Director Kari Whitacre loves having a new way to connect people to resources.  “We’re excited to offer Icon City to the community. Working together we can make a significance impact in the lives of men, women, and children in need. I encourage everyone to join the movement today.”