Sweet Loot

Our writers, most of whom still trick or treat pretending to be much younger than they are and often combining for the two halves of an animal costume, have agreed to let the cat out of the bag on the best candy.  Because this is something you don’t know and can’t decide for yourself, apparently…

milkdudsMilk Duds

Halloween is nothing if not a lesson in economy. Milk Duds are the ultimate candy to receive on this hallowed day simply because they remain intact while chewing for much, much longer than their candied contemporaries. All Hail The Dud.

-Johnny Beaver


My favorite treat at Halloween is the rich, gooey, crunchy candy bar, Twix. I love caramel, I love chocolate, and I love cookies, so why should they not all be combined? I see no reason why not, and the creative genius candy maker who did just that should be praised!

-Kyra Young

Caramel Apples

Caramel apples were never offered in my ‘hood. The “hidden razor blade” legend started making media rounds in 1984. Plus, who wants to make that many caramel apples? Regardless, the iconic Halloween treat reigns supreme; crisp, juicy apple mingling with buttery caramel in each bite. I’d totally risk a razor blade for one.

-Alicia James

Peanut Butter Cup

My favorite candy has always been the chocolate peanut butter cup. If I had a dollar for every time I chewed down on a deliciously crumbly peanut-y goodness, I would put this money in a diversified mutual fund, and have Ebay mail me more peanut butter cups automatically purchased with the dividends. Turns out you can buy candy online.

-Joel DeVyldere

Ice Chips

If you have a special person in your life who can’t eat sugar, surprise them with this delightfully simple candy. Sweetened with xylitol, Ice Chips have a low-glycemic index without the dramatic laxative effect or bizarre after-taste of other sugar substitutes. Minimally processed, they come in very small irregular chips in a tin like breathe mints. My favorite is peppermint but they have flavors as far out as egg nog and pina colada. Available locally at Bi-mart, Fred Meyer, and Vitamin Cottage.

-Alexandra Schaefers