Sculpture and Mortality

p3_oliver_herringArtists, students, and fellow Corvallisites are in for a rare treat, as renowned German artist Oliver Herring will appear for a special lecture and reception as part of Oregon State University’s Visiting Artist Series on Wednesday, April 23. Herring has made a name for himself creating woven human figure sculptures, clothes, and furniture using reflective Mylar and Styrofoam among other things, while recycling leftover materials for future pieces. It’s been said that Herring’s art evokes a sense of mortality and memories, each made in homage to late performance artist Ethyl Eichelberger, who died of a suicide in 1991.

Since 1998, Herring also filmed many stop-motion videos, hand-picking complete strangers off the streets to participate and photographing each from practically every angle. He combines a series of large-scale photographs of these often abstract painted individuals to create a dream-like sequence, where each feels liberated discovering themselves through art in ways otherwise presumed impossible. These chance encounters between people are a build-up to an unpredictable grand finale.

Herring received a bachelor of fine arts from the University of Oxford, Ruskin School of Drawing in Oxford, England, and a master of fine arts from Hunter College in New York. His art has been on display at one-person exhibitions in museums all over the country.

Herring’s lecture is on Wednesday, April 23 from 6 to 9 p.m. at OSU’s LaSells Stewart Center Construction and Engineering Hall, 875 SW 26th Street. The event is free.

By Patrick Fancher