Say Hello to The Red Fox

redfoxCloud Davidson, owner of Cloud and Kelly’s Public House and its adjacent neighbor Downward Dog, is getting ready to open his third venture in Corvallis, this time next to the OSU campus.

The Red Fox Café, opening where the Brew Station used to be, will indeed retain the outdoor patio seating—a common, almost frighteningly panicked question Davidson hears often. And yes, he does have an affinity for animal names. With a menu similar to his downtown locations, students and non-students alike will be confronted with a smattering of delectable food and drink items.

Excited about the new location, Davidson wants to see Monroe blossom into a veritable orchard of delicious and exciting food options for students.

“In my experience, downtown in the last eight years I was one of a couple; now I’m one of many,” he says. “I remember when I went to OSU there was nothing on OSU campus. I’ve been to a lot of campuses and they have a legendary strip next to them. That’s what I envision. It’s not just me doing it—I’m just a part of the process.”

by Maria Brown