OSU Board Audit Committee Audits Itself

By Johnny Beaver

OSUTrusteesMeetingIt’s that time again, everyone! No, not time to take over the world… Time for the Oregon State University’s board of trustees’ Executive and Audit committee to meet and burn some shoe leather this Friday, June 20. The committee’s charter is up for review and the stakes are high in this no-holds-barred brawl for the ages. Feel the burning anticipation!

Alright, so it’s not all acrobatics and sword fights, but they’ll be discussing their role and responsibilities as auditors, as well as policy proposals regarding waste, fraud, abuse, and conflicts of interest. Additionally some time will be given to a proposed design for a presidential performance assessment policy, upcoming presidential contracts and—you guessed it—presidential compensation.

Depending on how that goes, this will either be a really glorious or a ripe toot of a day for said president. As for the other line items, Corvallisites and OSU employees/students will likely not feel the effect of the changes for some time.