Oregon House of Representatives Candidates Speak

Dan RayfieldDemocratic candidate Dan Rayfield, a Corvallis attorney, responded to the questions.  His opponent, Jacob Vandever, unfortunately did not, which could have to do with exams as he only started at OSU as a student in 2010, so it could be running for office is just part of him learning something.  But then, running for office has to do with answering questions, so we’ll let you grade him as you fill out your ballot.  Mr. Rayfield, the floor is yours:

What do you see as the most important challenges currently facing Oregon?

Rayfield: Making sure our future is full of opportunity is the biggest challenge we’re facing right now.   To meet this challenge, I will work to reduce obstacles to small business growth, expand access to job skills training and education, and erase the wage gap between men and women in the workforce.

What positive opportunities are currently facing our state?

Rayfield: There is low-hanging fruit that can yield real and tangible results for Oregonians.  For instance, most would agree that decreasing the size of classes in school and supporting early childhood education would lead to better outcomes for our children.  Implementing these types of meaningful, bipartisan solutions offers a promising opportunity.

What would be your goals as a State Representative?

Rayfield: Oregon should be a leader when it comes to providing high-quality education, providing family wage jobs, and protecting the quality of life we enjoy.  These are priorities that almost all Oregonians agree on.  I am committed to providing the leadership necessary to help us realize these goals. 

Why are you a better candidate than your opponent?

Rayfield: As a husband, father, attorney, and small business owner, I’ve personally experienced many of the challenges families and businesses face on a daily basis.  It’s these experiences, my values, and my commitment to the community that make me the better fit for State Representative in Corvallis and Philomath.