New issue: November 13, 2014

In this week’s Corvallis Advocate…


Turkey Talk by Alan Sproles / Tofurky, With Love by Alicia James

Who’s Afraid of the Big Green Wolf by Dave DeLuca

Conversation Orbits by Alexandra Schaefers


Crowdfunding for Homeless Through COI by Bethany Carlson

Us Versus Ebola by Ygal Kaufman

As the State Turns by Johnny Beaver

Dispensaries React by Maggie Nelson, Dave DeLuca and Joel DeVyldere

Local Events

Talking About Housing by Ygal Kaufman

Entertainment Scene

8 Days A Week: The Advocate’s Top Picks in This Week’s Corvallis’ Entertainment Scene

Flocking to the Sound by Joel DeVyldere

Entertainmental by Ygal Kaufman