New issue: March 20, 2014

* Calendar Picks of the Week
* Keiko’s Spokesperson Coming to Corvallis
* Surveyed Coast Professionals See Climate Change
* Majestic Readers Theatre Presents W;t
* Humans of Corvallis
* Corvallis Arrest Gets Over 17,800 YouTube Hits
* As the State Turns
* Art, and Those Thought by Some to Have a Disability
* Whale Watch Week Starts March 22
* Pope Frank and Me
* Winning OSU Solar Car Team Preps for New Challenges
* Police Offer Citizens a 10-Week Course
* Intercollegiate Conference Awards KBVR Best Station Award
* Apply Now for Edible Garden Tours
* A Shootie
* Three Reviews in Three Cinemas
* Culture Fail: March Madness Vasectomies

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