New issue: August 21, 2014

castaffIn this week’s Corvallis Advocate…

Features: This issue has gone to the dogs…

Will Work for Dogs: A Pet People Potpourri by Dave DeLuca

Protecting Those That Can’t Protect Themselves: Benton County DA Champions Animal Welfare by Bethany Carlson

Beast Cops on the Beat  by Dave DeLuca

Gimme Shelters: Local Animal Shelters Do Much More Than the Minimum by Dave DeLuca

One Dirty Ride-Along: Celia’s Mobile Grooming Keeps It Clean by Dave DeLuca

When Your Pet Passes On by Alexandra Schaefers

Local Events

8 Days a Week: The Advocate’s Top Picks in Corvallis’ Entertainment Scene

Calendar for August 21-28

Ongoing August Events

As the State Turns

Poor Credit Blues, Viva la State Jobs, Steve Rulez, Intel’s Golden Egg by Johnny Beaver

Local News

Foster Care Review Board Seeks Volunteers by Bethany Carlson

State Fair Treatment of Corvallis Pedicab by Maggie Nelson

OSU News

OSU Foundation Rejects Divestment Proposal by Greg Myers

OSU Engineering Students Chasing the Sun in 2015 by Dave DeLuca


Castle of Fun by Jack Compere