New Issue: April 17, 2014

* Calendar Picks of the Week
* Craig Childs Comes to Lecture in Corvallis
* Sculpture and Mortality
* Sol Power to the People
* Arts Center Taps Proven Local Leader for Directorship
* As the State Turns…
* Remains of the Season
* Learning to Fly on the Cheap
* Annette Mills; She Has an Army
* Filming Under the Willamette
* 26 Love Letters for Mama Art Book Launch
* Comic: My Bonnie Kitty
* It’s Spring… Corvallis Farmers’ Market Returns
* Environmentalist Writer Linda Hogan to Give Talk
* 12th Annual Hoo Haa
* Earth Day in Corvallis
* When TV Does the Movies
* Culture Fail: Colbert is the New Letterman

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