Love May Cost You Dearly…

del alma$133.91.

That’s the average amount spent on Valentine’s Day by those who actually celebrate it. Who says Corvallis has to be average? Here are all the standard ingredients for Feb. 14: dinner, movie, flowers, and candy, all with the most expensive price tags within city limits.

Valentine’s Day falls on Friday this year. Business owners: do you hear the ka-ching yet? You should:

Expressions in Bloom on 9th Street has a wide selection of roses, birds of paradise, and star gazers. Depending on how large you want the bouquet, arrangements can go upwards of $299.95. How’s that for impressive? You also get a free rose if your name is on the signboard out front (keep crossing those fingers, Uxbal…). Hit the name lottery and your dozen roses just became a baker’s dozen.

Expressions in Bloom: 1324 NW 9th Street.

Burst’s Candy has chocolate ganache, and it may not be a gondola ride through the streets of Venice, but it’s a pretty romantic dessert treat. They describe these little love-inducers as “Rich, creamy confections on par with gourmet truffles.” Over a pound of gourmet chocolates for $48? That’s heart-pounding-happiness (thump-thump), unless your mate doesn’t like chocolate… which is weird.

Burst’s: 353 SW Madison Ave.

Ever since The Gables closed I’m sure there’re more than a few Corvallis locals who reminisce of stained-glass and chicken-bisque soup. Not to mention a Polaroid keepsake up on the fridge year-round. But there’s an easy fix: swing into Squirrel’s Tavern to see the old sign and pick up a copy of The Oregon Cookbook for the soup.

To soften the blow further, check out Del Alma. It’s a classy, beautiful riverfront location with darn-good food. A grilled 8-ounce filet mignon with truffle whipped Yukon potatoes will set you back $35. Compare that to Magenta’s $35 steak offering: the Magnolia Cattle Company Wagyu Beef Chuck Flap (with roasted vegetables and mashed potatoes), a much thinner piece of meat for the same money. We said we’re going for expensive here, we didn’t say we were forsaking value. Advantage: Del Alma.

Del Alma: 136 SW Washington Ave.

After all that spending you’re going to need a dose of fiction. The bad news is that stinkers like Endless Love and Winter’s Tale give V Day a bad rap. And the good news? Her might still be playing. Prices range from $6-31.50 depending on factors, such as if you’re a student, if you order the extra-extra-large popcorn (served in an above-ground swimming pool), or if your cell phone goes off during the movie.

Darkside Cinemas: 215 SW 4th St.

Bonus Round: Jewelry
There’s a dozen places to walk-in and lay down all your cash for a pair of diamond earrings, but John Hughes is dead, so stop living in his movie. Tack on $500-infinity if your other half demands bling. Then take a long look at the relationship, because holy hell, it’s just Valentine’s Day.

Now, taking a look at this list you might wonder “But where can I find a cheap V-Day date?” All I have to say is… well, you read the wrong article, bub.

by Mandy Clark