Improv Music Show Draws Mid-Valley Bands

VanMeyersExperimental music makes for a unique performance because it defies specific genres and incorporates so many different styles of sound. As a listener, you never know what you’re going to hear. Now combine that musical spontaneity and an improv setting with local experimental bands and you can expect to see one hell of a show. That’s precisely what’s in store for guests of the Interzone Cafe on Saturday, June 7.

Corvallis acts like the experimental post-jazz minimalism band the Van Meyers, Dan Crall, and Bo Bestvina will share the stage with Eugene bands Juice Machine, Saint Nansen, and Hobby Knife.

“It’s meant to bring together a certain portion of the experimental music community of Corvallis and Eugene,” said show promoter Chris Durnin. “The Eugene groups are going to be a little more on the noise side of the experimental spectrum with noise drone and electronic elements. It sounds like the Corvallis side will be much more traditional guitar and bass drum set ups.”

The show is Saturday, June 7 at 7 p.m. at Interzone Coffeehouse, 1563 NW Monroe Avenue. No admission fee; donations only.