House of Engedi Grand Opening Celebration

By Alicia James

HouseofEngediSidebarimageHouse of Engedi invites the community to the grand opening of its first safe house for adult sex trafficking victims. Staff and board members will host the celebration at Calvary Church on Saturday, June 7.

This occasion marks a significant milestone for the House of Engedi, formed in 2012. The nonprofit organization was given use of a cottage in January 2013. However, they needed a permanent structure to house survivors. With the help of the community, they were able to make offers and close on two Benton County houses in October 2013, which are now open after much restoration.

Events include a short program to raise awareness and a call for compassionate citizens to action, a silent auction, and interactive events that will help make the house a home.

The grand opening is Saturday, June 7 from 2:30 to 4:30 p.m. at Calvary Church Corvallis, 2125 NW Lester Avenue. This event is free to the public. RSVP at