Height 1000 Launches New Exhibit

ArtreceptionA couple of weeks ago we brought you the story of Bruce Burris, and his ambitious goals of shining a spotlight and bringing support to artists “considered by some to have disabilities.” Now’s your chance to see some of the fruit of his labor and the beautiful art that is hiding in plain sight, being created by members of our community many have no idea are so talented.

Burris’ group, Height1000, launches a statewide exhibition on April 5th, called A Sun in Make Up Is Just Another Outer Space Beauty, running through April 30. The kick-off receptions will happen simultaneously at The Arc Benton Offices/Gallery and the Majestic Theatre Gallery. These galleries will show art from some of the many artists whose lives Burris has affected. Also throughout the month will be programs in Portland, Eugene and Salem.

Height1000’s Facebook page has more information on the events, as well as some tastes of the art we’ll get to see, like that of local Kyle Ashbaugh, who specializes in science-fiction-styled art, or Beverly Baker, who Burris met nearly 20 years ago and has been helped by his programs ever since, displaying her art all over the world.

This is a uniquely local opportunity to see innovative art from brave artists and see how art and community really need each other to succeed.

A Sun in Make Up Is Just Another Outer Space Beauty opens on Saturday, April 5 from 2 to 4 p.m. at Arc Benton and 3 to 5 p.m. at Majestic Theatre. For more information, visit http://height1000.blogspot.com/