Further iPad Implementation Has Hiccup

iPads for all? Maybe not...

iPads for all? Maybe not…

Opponents of the Corvallis school district’s iPad implementation are probably relieved after learning the school board has opted to slow down the program for now. Board members didn’t vote on a decision at the meeting last Monday, though the overall opinion seemed to indicate the tablet expansion process was moving too fast. The 1:World program, spearheaded by 509J superintendent Erin Prince, provides an iPad for each student in every school classroom and has faced more than its fair share of scrutiny, so it comes as no surprise that the district is proceeding cautiously.

The board did show a reluctance to move forward with expanding the program to every fifth grade classroom in the district. However, the meeting wasn’t a total loss in regards to expansion, as they did agree to continue tablet development at area middle schools and special classrooms, and expand the implementation into high school AVID programs. They also agreed to back the creation of a new grant program that will allow interested teachers to apply for iPad use in their classrooms. There was also discussion of including grades 6 thru 8 at the Franklin K-8 School in future expansion plans.

About 10 parents gave testimony speaking out against the 1:World program, which will likely continue until there’s a compromise between local parents and the district.

By Anthony Harris