Farewell to the Emmons Market

emmonsEmmons Meat Market, a landmark butcher shop just out of town on Highway 34 that had been open since 1962, closed its doors for good this week. The owner, Nancy Emmons, who took over the store after her husband Dave Emmons passed away in 2007, said the change is the result of wanting to focus on her family and other pursuits rather than the challenges of running the business.

Emmons mentioned the sale of remaining chicken, pork, beef, as well as buffalo left in their freezers, however that stock went quickly and is now completely gone.

A one-of-a-kind store that made, packed, and sold their meat, the quality of Emmons’ offerings was untouchable and had everything a carnivore could ask for: smoked salmon, bacon, beef steaks, roasts, ham, and the popular deer and elk summer sausage and jerky. Their restaurant was also a great place to have lunch, offering pulled pork sandwiches and buffalo, deer, and elk burgers. There were also the unique seasonal meats like alligator, frog legs, rabbit, and whole smoked turkeys for Thanksgiving.

Emmons says she will miss the customers and employees the most, but as I sit here writing this article, gnawing on my last piece of buffalo teriyaki stick, I can’t help but say, “Farewell Emmons Meat Market, you will be greatly missed.”

No word yet on what will happen to the building; there is currently no plan in place to sell it.

by Jennifer Smith